Productivity skills – Speaking

Motor perceptive skills

Is the ability to make understandable utterances. Concerning perception, recall and articulation of sounds and structures.

Interaction skills

Understanding of how you say things. I.e. What to say, how to say it. With consideration to how it will be interpreted by the listener.

Processing Conditions

The real time process of speech means it can be impacted by external factors, noise for example. You also have less time to think about what to say, so output is different to written text.

Reciprocity Conditions

This is the understanding of how conversation flows between people within a conversation. So selection of topic, understanding of formality (dependent upon who you are talking to), and also changing speech delivery according to recipient reactions all play a factor on the reciprocity conditions.

Other factors include:

Turn taking


Listener response tokens (Carter and McCarthy 2007) – yeah, mm, hmm, OK.


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